Mr Vice

Mr Vice is a ceremonial position who leads toast and 'MCs' social events after games. It is given to the newest members of the team, The current Mr Vice is Sgt Scott Woodman of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. 

Scott said before his first duties after the Remembrance Game in 2023

"After taking up rugby league masters in May this year I was instantly made to feel part of the team at Cardiff Blue Dragons. Finding out about the fixture later in the year playing in the Armed Forces Wales game, that was even better.

Since leaving the Army in 2012 I have missed the camaraderie, feeling of being part of a team and the overall level of humour. A rugby team cannot replicate that but it’s a close second. To say I am looking forward to stepping on the pitch with a mixture of serving personnel, forces veterans and front line services would be an understatement.

I think I can speak for all involved in today's game that is an honour and privilege to play and the fact it is being played on the 11th November makes it that extra bit special. I’m sure we will all play hard, fair and in spirit of master and remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. “We will remember”.