AFARL Cymru was set up by AFRL as a sister club of non military players who supported the Armed Forces and wanted to represent them on the pitch.

The team takes Welsh qualifying players of all ages, gender, and abilities to play matches who support and want to represent the wider communities support for serving, veterans and the families of the Armed Forces here in Wales.


AFARL Qualification

Support the Armed Forces  and their Families
Welsh connection through birth, family,and residency
Cap honours 

Fancy playing or getting involved?

Kit and Colours

The team has a mix from civilian life which is represented in the shirts chevron.
  • Blue - Police
  • Red - Fire and Rescue
  • Orange - Search and Rescue
  • Gold - Dispatch services
  • White - Medical and Health services
Purple is the bottom as it is what supports and underpins everything for serving personnel. After all, it is what they leave behind. It takes its colour from the Elizabeth Cross. Those family and friends who make the most difficult of sacrifices. From waiting at home to never seeing loved ones return.

Meet the captain

Meet the current captain of the AFARL Masters side.


Mewn Cefnogaeth ac Undod    

In Support and Unity