The colours


AFRL Cymru Colours uses the three branch colours of the Royal Navy, British Army and Royal Air Force.

Mounted in the centre is the clubs Coat of Arms.

The colours are chevrons rather than straight lines to showcase its Rugby League affiliation, while ordering them from top to bottom, air, land and sea.

AFRL Colours and Standard Etiquette

  • AFRL Standard is always paraded whenever the AFRL is on a formal parade or playing rugby. 
  • Compliments are always paid to the uncased Colours.
  • When the Colours are being paraded, they are carried by a warrant officer, or on specific occasions the highest non commissioned rank of a particular
    branch if no Warrant officer is on parade.
  • When the Colours are not being paraded they are stored in the AFRL Mess
  • When AFRL is presented with new Colours, the old Colours, which will now never again be paraded, are laid up.