Field of Play

1. The Touch Lines are in Touch, the Touch in-Goal lines are Touch in-Goal, the Goal Lines are in the In-Goal area and the Dead Ball Line is beyond In-Goal.

2. Indicates a corner post (see Glossary) placed at the intersection of each goal line and touch line. A corner post is in touch in-goal. Touch Judges should at all times ensure that corner posts are correctly positioned.

3. The goal posts are considered to extend indefinitely upwards. It is recommended that the bottom two metres of each upright be padded. American Football shaped goal posts are permissible provided the relevant dimensions are observed.

4. For adult games the dimensions should be as near maximum as possible to the dimensions stipulated.

5. The broken lines in the PLAN shall consist of marks or dots on the ground not more than 2 metres apart. All transverse lines must be marked across the full width of the field.