North Wales Rugby League

North Wales Rugby League in part of Wales Rugby League and is responsible for developing Rugby League in North Wales. It is responsible for the community, Men's, Women's, Junior, pathway and Masters game in North Wales


NWRL Teams

  • Bangor Buffalos
  • Clwyd Cobras
  • Conwy Celts
  • Marchogion Môn Knights
  • Flintshire Falcons
  • Wrexham Crusaders

Pathway West vs East

  • Arfordir RFL
  • Gwlad RFL

Pathway Regional 

  • North Wales Origin


  • North Wales Buccaneers
Armed Forces Rugby League Cymru is based in North Wales.


It is also responsible for the following Draig League (Dragon League). The league teams play each other throughout the summer season. League leaders finish in first place before play off teams compete to play in the Grand Final.

It is also responsible for the Cwpan Moel-y-don (Moel-y-don Cup). An annual competition played in the league season between the Bangor Buffalos and Môn Knights. It is named after a medieval battle ground and famous Welsh victory. The counties of Ynys Môn and Gwynedd were joined at the time and the two teams who represent their counties now compete to be the Model-y-don champions.